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Beyond the Bonk

To paraphrase Wikipedia, during endurance sports such as cycling and running, hitting the wall or the bonk describes a condition, which manifests itself by sudden fatigue and loss of energy.
The Bonk can be avoided or helped by brief rest and the ingestion of food or drinks containing carbohydrates. Taps and the TapRoute directory provide exactly this in order to help you avoid the Bonk.

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A “Tap” is our wording for businesses, organizations and homes that have volunteered to provide free water, sports drinks, bike pumps, a pet water bowl or any other assistance for those performing outdoor activities. 

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Outdoor exercise is widely viewed to have many benefits from health, to stress relief, to generally feeling better. Becoming a Tap is the perfect way to support outdoor activities and community.



"During those hot summer runs TapRoute saved my life."
Daniela Krause



Sunday, July 14, 7am: Memorial Road Race Series 1st 5K: Audubon Park
Sunday, July 28, 7am: Memorial Road Race Series 2nd 5K: Audubon Park


Sunday, August 11, 7am: Memorial Road Race Series 1st 5 Miler: WJ Freeman Park
Sunday, August 25, 7am: Memorial Road Race Series 2nd 5 Miler: WJ Freeman Park


Sunday, September 8, 7am: Memorial Road Race Series 1st 10K: Shelby Farms Park

Sunday, September 22, 7am: Memorial Road Race Series 2nd 10K: Shelby Farms Park

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tap?

A Tap is our word for any location where a person volunteers to provide water, sports drink, a water bowl for dogs or any other assistance for others who are out exercising, walking the dog or maybe even just taking a break from cutting the grass.

Who can use the Taps?

While TapRoute provides a directory of Taps, Taps are volunteers providing free water to the public. TapRoute encourages all Taps to make their water available to anyone and everyone.

How do I know if a Tap will have water available when I run by?​

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. A Tap’s normal available times can be found on the Find a Tap page. We are working to refine the site to allow real time notification of whether a tap is “wet” or “dry” (water available or not).​

There are no taps in my area. What can I do to spread TapRoute to my neighborhood?

First, you can volunteer to START A TAP Next, spread the word. If you know someone who lives along your route, encourage him/her to become a Tap. Also, you can forward information about to others in your walking group, neighborhood dog walkers, a running club, or a training group.

What would a basic Tap include?

We believe the most basic Tap should include a water source, paper cups and a garbage can.

How often should I make my Tap available?

You can have your Tap active as often or as little as you want.
The most important thing is to be consistent and ensure that your actual times mirror the times in your Tap profile on

What does being a Tap entail?

If you are interested in helping others who are out in your neighborhood exercising, then you can be a Tap. Tap owners can provide water, sports drink or other services on whatever schedule they would like.

How can I find a Tap?

Use our FIND A TAP feature and enter the zip code of the area where you will be running. The current Taps in that area will be displayed.

What other things could I provide at my Tap other than water?

Some other ideas of things to offer at a Tap include sports drink (or sports drink powder), tissues, hand sanitizer, bike pump, and maybe a dog bowl of water. If you have an idea of something to add, tell us about it.

What do I use to provide water?

Taps can decide how they are going to provide water. We believe that a water jug (2-5 gallon) is probably the simplest solution (if your area’s water supply is good or if you have a sufficient filter). We also believe that some Taps may provide bottled water and others may provide their old, reusable water bottles to create a water bottle exchange. It is up to you. Be sure to indicate your Tap type when you sign up so people know what to expect.

How do I get started?

Go to START A TAP to register your Tap and enter your preferences. Then, get your Tap supplies and start helping your neighbors.

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